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Classes for September 2018

We are having a bit of a change around with classes next year, including teachers moving to different year groups and new staff members to join our current team.  Here are the staff allocated to each year group team next year.

Year Group New Class Teacher Teaching Assistant Additional Teachers
R Miss Sandy Miss Jones/Mrs Turkington

Mrs Lawes,
and Mrs Daley

Miss Price SENCO
(Special Educational Needs
Mrs Paul, Mrs Griffiths,
Mrs Barker & Mrs Evans

Learning Mentors
Mrs Pascoe, Mrs Allen
and Miss Munford


R Mrs Chrimes/Miss Price Mrs Blouet
Y1 Miss Stone Mrs Hassanjee
Y1 Mrs Hancock Miss Iemboli
Y2 Mrs C Smith/Miss Hawkins   Mrs Cronin
Y2 Mrs Macdonald
Mrs Butler
Y3 Mrs Welsby Mrs Head 
Y3 Mrs Deas Mrs Head
Y4 Miss Hill   Mr Byles
Y4 Mr Cox Mrs Jones
Y5 Mrs Parr Miss Galdwin
Y5 Mrs Wilkins Mrs Mawdsley
Y6 Mrs Marshal Mr Gabb
Y6 Miss Holloway Mrs Glarvey-Clarke

The majority of classes will be going up as a complete class but as Y2 pupils leave KS1, they will be sorted to form two new classes for the rest of the learning journey into KS2.  This is a really important 'graduation' into KS2 for them and marks an exciting new phase in their school career at this key transition point.