Leadership Team

Phase Lead

Mrs Needham - Headteacher
Mrs Woolhead - Deputy Head
Mrs Smith - Assistant Head
Vacant - School Business Manager

Mrs Veale - Phase 1 Lead (The KEY Nursery)
Miss Sandy - Phase 2 Lead

Mrs Macdonald - Phase 3 Lead
Miss Holloway - Phase 4 Lead


Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Mrs Veale

Miss Sandy
Miss Price
Mrs Chrimes

Mrs Stone - Y1 
Mrs Hancock - Y1

Mrs Smith/Miss Hawkins - Y2
Mrs Macdonald - Y2
Mrs Deas - Y3
Mrs Welsby - Y3

Miss Hill - Y4
Mr Cox - Y4
Mrs Wilkins/Mrs Daily - Y5
Mrs Parr - Y5

Mrs Marshal - Y6
Miss Holloway - Y6
Mrs Lawes - PE & PPA cover


Special Educational Needs

SENCO Coord and Support Staff Physical Education

Miss Price - SENCO
Mrs Evans
Mrs Paul
Mrs Griffiths
Mrs Barker

Mr Lane

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Teaching Assistants

Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Miss Jones
Miss Blouet
Mrs Turkington

Mrs Hassenjee - Y1
Mrs Iemboli  - Y1
Mr Harden - Y2
Mrs Cronin - Y2
Mrs Butler - Y2
Mrs Head - Y3
Miss Turner - Y3
Mrs Stevens - Y3

Mrs Evans - Y4/Y3
Mrs Jones - Y4
Mr Byles - Y4
Mrs Mawdsley - Y5
Miss Gladwin  - Y5
Mr Gabb - Y6
Mrs Glarvey-Clarke - Y6


Pastoral Care

Learning Mentors/THRIVE

THRIVE Practitioners

Mrs Pascoe
Mrs Allen
Miss Munford

Mrs Needham
Mrs Woolhead
Mrs Gabb
Mrs Griffiths

Mrs Jones
Mrs Yearsley  
Mrs Barker


School Support Staff

Office - Admin Team

Site Maintenance Team

Mrs Rowles 
Mrs Smith - Finance
Mrs Mckintyre
Miss Clayton  - Attendance Information Officer

Mr England
Mr Butcher

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Lunchtime Support Staff


Catering Staff Play Support Staff

Mrs Gadd - Supervisor
Mrs Holley
Mr Harden
Mrs Carter
Mrs Mitten
Mrs Pearce
Mrs Kennedy
Mrs Chadwick

Mrs Walsh
Mrs Freeman
Mrs Weyman

Mr Lane