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Welcome to Year 6


Our new theme for the Spring term is.....

It's a kind of magic!






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Week ending 16 March 2018

SATs preparation has continued this week with a range of revision activities. The focus in maths has been ratio and proportion and the children have also looked at algebraic equations.

In English, the children have been learning to create a suspense story based on a scene from William Shakespeare's Macbeth, using a range of features.   Click on the images below to view examples of extracts from some of their compositions so far. 

Week ending 9 March 2018

The children deserve huge credit for their efforts in tackling the full range of practice SATs papers this week in preparation for the real thing in May.  In addition to the SATs practice, they have been exploring the beautiful art of MC Escher and learning about his life and work.

The week was rounded off by the delayed celebration of World Book Day where Year 6 activities included reading to some of the children who attend the Nursery; taking part in a quiz to test their literary knowledge and creating a personal bookmark.

Week ending 23 February 2018

The focus in Science has been to understand how we see things, and the children produced posters to demonstrate their understanding.  They also learned how optical illusions work.  Click on the images below to take a closer look.



Week ending 9 February 2018

Following last week’s designing of a magical item that needed a circuit to operate it, the children extended their knowledge by learning how switches worked.  They even made their own by using card and split pins.  Finally, they demonstrated both their knowledge of circuits and their creative flair to build their magical item.  Take a look at the slideshow opposite.

Week ending 2 February 2018

Our theme focus this week involved the children designing a magical item that uses a circuit to either light a bulb or power a motor. Take a look at their designs below.



Thank you to parents who attended our Year 6 English event where the children were challenged to complete a contractions matching game; a synonyms activity and an editing task.


Week ending 26 January 2018

Another busy week in Year 6.  The focus in Maths has been fractions, particularly simplifying, ordering and addition and subtraction of fractions.  Whilst in English, the children have been learning more about formal letter writing.

Fun was also had in Science, with the children creating electrical circuits to light a bulb and then looking at how a switch could be used to control the bulb.

Please click on the images below to see more of the children's instructional writing on magical potions.

Magical Potions


Week ending 19 January 2018

It is probably fair to say the highlight of the children’s week was the trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. The pupils received a teaching session, which included the chance to examine authentic artefacts from the film series, before using these to devise their own short stories. During the tour itself, the children saw the incredible film sets, amazing props and authentic costumes. It seemed liked there was a jaw-dropping moment around every corner!

Week ending 12 January 2018

The English focus this week has been to identify the features of instruction writing and the children have planned instructions to create a magic potion.  In addition, the children have learned how to use colons to introduce a list.

In Maths, the children have been attempting calculation problems using all four operations, including consideration of BODMAS.

The magical scratch artwork opposite was created by using oil pastels covered with black paint.  We will be using these as the front covers of the children's theme books.


Week ending 5 January 2018

A short, yet enchanting three days have been enjoyed by all, as the children immersed themselves in our new theme.  Potent potions have been created, wonderful wizard wands were designed and made and the week finished with our apprentice magicians performing marvellous tricks and illusions in their own magic show.

Click on the images below to see examples of the children's potion creations.