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 Welcome to Year 5


Our Theme this term:

Watch Out Mother Nature's About!

This term, year 5 will be learning about natural disasters.

Autumn Term

Welcome to the start of year 5 in Autumn term 1. 



This week, we have been learning about the key features of a story setting.





Year 5's reading comprehension book this term is called 'Floodland'.


In maths, we are learning about square and prime numbers.



 PE Days

Kestrel :

Gymnastics - Tuesday

Swimming - Thursday

Owl :

Gymnastics - Tuesday

Swimming - Thursday

Ruby Power 

Ruby Power..... support others....praise others with problems.

 Sapphire Power

Sapphire power..... keeping focused....stay on task.

Diamond Thinking.

Diamond power.........being responsible........independent thinking.

Our class challenges are:

Owl : Swinging on chairs.

Kestrel : Quick response to teacher.




Previous Portfolio

Parental Engagement

 A big thank you to all the parents and carers who attended this event. The children thoroughly enjoyed the reading quiz where they had to answer questions on the authors, book names and settings of different children's books.


Year 5 have been busy designing and building their own earthquake proof structures.

They used several different materials to create them. Skewers, straws, blu tac, both large and small marshmallows and sellotape in the hope they would remain intact when vigorously shaken by the teachers.