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Year 4. 

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About Year 4

Hawk Osprey
Teacher  Miss Hill Mr Cox
Other adults Mr Byles, Miss Evans and Mrs Evans Mrs Jones
PE Sessions Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM  Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM
PPA Teacher Mr Byles (Thursday) Mrs Jones (Thursday)

World Book Day 2019

The Whole school had fun celebrating World Book Day. On Thursday the children spent the day looking at the book Shakelton's Journey, which told of Shakelton's amazing journey where he and his crew were stuck in ice for nearly two years! Year 3 wrote diary entries as crew members using emotive language to explain how they were feeling. In the afternoon the children created paper plate models of the ship being stuck in the sea. On Friday the children came dressed as their favourite book character. Year 4 pupils went into Year 3 and read their favourite stores with the Year 3 Pupils. In the afternoon, parents came into the school and were able to listen to their children read their favourite story. Thank you to all of the Year 4 parents who could join us.