Hobby Welcome toMerlin
Hawk and Osprey Classes

Welcome to Year 4. 

Our theme this term:

Weird and Wacky

Hold on to the diamond power, ready to start a great new Spring term 1 !!!

Diamond power.........being responsible........independent thinking.

Sapphire power- Encouragement for children to remain focused and concentrate at all times.

Ruby power has now been chronologically introduced - The children are being encouraged to show empathy and kindness to others.

Hawk Class 

Teacher - Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistants -

Mrs Gladwin & Mrs Cronin

PPA Teacher - Mrs Lawes


Osprey Class

Teacher - Mrs Welsby

Teaching assistant

Mrs Head

PPA Teacher- Mrs Lawes


Meet our Year 4 School Councillors.

George from Osprey

Katie from Hawk


Our school trip to 'We the Curious'.


Some great examples of homework!!


 We have finished reading 'Leon and the place between'.  We are drafting our own imaginative stories based on the book.


       So far we have been learning about the different types of angles: obtuse, acute and right angles.

What do you know?


 How many degrees does a right angle have?

Which is larger? An obtuse or an acute angle?

How many right angles are there in half a turn?



Tuesday - Rounders

Wednesday - Athletics