Welcome to
Coot and Mallard Classes

  Welcome to Year One! 

Our new theme is ...

                                                                                                  Tell Me a Story...                                                                    

Coot Class are taught by Mrs. Smith and their TAs are Mrs. Yearsley, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Harden.

Mrs. Banks teaches every Thursday

Our indoor PE slot is on Thursday. 

Mallard Class are taught by Mrs. Hancock and their  TAs are Miss Doyle and Mr. Harden.

Mrs. Banks covers for Mrs. Hancock every Wednesday morning.

Our indoor PE slot is on Wednesday.

Wow Moment!

 On Monday 8th January, a magic spell had been cast over the year one children. As Mrs Hancock and Mrs Smith opened the door, the children had been turned into fairy tale creatures. They then noticed 'Wanted' posters around  the class wanting fairy tale creatures. We soon discovered that Lord Farquaad had banished and wanted all fairy tale creatures to go to Shrek's swamp. The children received an angry phone call from Shrek telling the creatures that there was no more room at his swamp. So the children made 'keep out' and  'full up' posters for Shrek's swamp. Later that week, a bad witch had visited the swamp and taken all the creatures without shrek knowing. Shrek then asked for the children's help to design 'missing' posters and place them around the classroom. This WOW Moment will continue throughout our learning for example the children will look at properties of different materials to help the three little pigs, directional language will be used to move beebots around fairy tale maps and writing postcards back to Shrek about their new homes.




Parental Engagement


On Thursday 18th January, we invited parents to come in and join us as the children created fairy tale maps using natural materials and loose parts, construction materials and paper. The children and adults had a challenge to create a fairy tale map using the key vocabulary that we had been learning about in our Geography sessions. Thank you to all the parents who came and joined us! 



On Tuesday 30th January, the parents were invited into school for an English drop in, where the parents could come and join in with our learning. The focus of this session was to look at the different types of grammar, punctuation and spelling that is expected from our pupils in Year one. The activities included adding 'ed' endings such as walked and looked. Using foam words to make silly sentences.




On Friday 2nd February, the whole school took part in a Harry Potter Maths Day, where they spent the day trying to solve Harry Potter related Maths questions. In the afternoon, parents were invited in to make potions by measuring millilitres of Dragon's Blood, Cats Wee and Goblin Snot. They also measured how far the snitch has travelled. 

World Book Day

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.Wow what an amazing day! Another proud teacher moment as your children were fab! I hope they came home buzzing with information! It was lovely to be emersed in a real castle environment and visit some of the towers and see there true size, wander around the great hall and get a feel of how the Kings and Queens lived we even saw that horrible Henry V111 with his wives! Then we noticed a real knight and a Jester wandering around and watched a birds of prey show whilst eating our lunch. After lunch we went to find the Trebuchet but unfortunately due to the flooding it wasn’t firing but it was amazing to see it’s size. We wandered around the horrible histories maze and found a Viking ship! Thank you to our parent helpers for helping us we hope you enjoyed the day too!