Welcome to
Kingfisher and Swan Classes 

Week 5



This week we have had a think about reading and the children were showed some familiar logos such as Lego, McDonalds, Disney and realised they recognised some and were therefore reading. They enjoyed looking at them and discussing their own experiences linked to the identifiable logos and some children enjoyed copying them and making their own marks. We played a hide and seek game where they had to locate their name and swap for their milk and snack and we have started self registration in the morning; again they must find their name and move it to 'I'm in school'.  A suggestion was made to have a fast food drive through using the bikes and the mud kitchen and they used marks and drawings to indicate the type of hot or cold drink being collected. 

Thank you for attending and supporting our Phonics and Reading Meeting held on Wednesday evening-we hope you found it informative. If you missed it, a handout is available. We will be starting Phonics next week and your child will bring home their own orange sound book, reading book and reading record book. Please sit together and review the sounds daily and enjoy using the picture books to tell each other a story.  

Please Note: