"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." — Frederick Douglass


At Kingsway Primary School, we strongly believe that a sound understanding of English provides a solid foundation for all future learning. As well as reading and writing, we focus specifically on developing skills to help children speak, spell, listen and learn.

We have developed a rigorous curriculum to ensure that, throughout their time at Kingsway Primary School, all children continually develop their skills and achieve our English aims:

- Create clear speakers who are confident to convey their ideas; ask questions; justify their ideas with reasons; develop their vocabulary; negotiate; evaluate; and build on the ideas of others

- Develop active and fluent readers who read for a range of purposes including for pleasure; for supporting their own acquisition of knowledge; and for supporting their understanding of our world

- Produce effective and creative writers who demonstrate their skills across a range of different text types and who have the stamina to write at length with accurate punctuation, spelling and grammar

The National Curriculum, 2014

All schools have to follow an agreed curriculum in the teaching of English.
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National Curriculum