Our Curriculum is an important and unique feature of our school.

We believe that children learn best by doing things they enjoy and we make learning practical, exciting and above all fun.  Using the National Curriculum as a starting  point, our pupils are taught through a carefully planned programme of structured teacher led and independent activities which challenge and excite.  Our 'Successful Learners' programme runs as a thread through tout out school ensuring that we all know what works well and use it to best advantage.

Learning doesn't just stop at 3.15pm.

On average we have had over 20 after school clubs running each week.  There are very few primary schools that can rival that!  For example, would your child like to try horse riding, cheerleading, cooking or belong to one of our school teams?  Led by our pupils' wish list, the teachers will try to accommodate their interests with a fresh set of clubs every term.

When the school bell sounds, that's when our pupils opt to
stay a bit longer.  This is a school that pupils and parents value.

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